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Mexican wines and wineries from Mexico

 Mexican wines, which have garnered numerous international awards over the past five years, are just beginning to capture the attention of an appreciative U.S. audience. Seven wineries, located in Baja's "Bordeaux Belt" of sheltered valleys near Ensenada, produce almost 80 percent of Mexico's wines. 

Find here the list with the websites of the main wineries in Baja California:
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  Welcome to the fertile valley
 which help Mexican wines 
to grow in quality and devellop
sales. The Baja region is 
credited with flavoring an
industry once focused on 
quantity .

     Baja California Sur has 
become a mini Napa Valley,
where small, exclusive 
vintners have emerged, 
their wines gaining recognition
in distinguished French wine competitions. 
  Because of its wine producing potential, this is the largest vineyard region in Mexico, that continues from the better known Californian State in the United States. The vineyards cover more  than 24.700 acres (10.000 ha)

The best quality wine of this area is produced in five sub regions:
        1. The Calafia and Guadalupe 
        2. The Tecate Zone
        3. The Santo Tomas Valley
        4. San Vincente
        5. The Mexicali Valley   
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