Wine region - Baja California
Mexican wines and wineries from Mexico


The typical varieties of vine grown in Baja California  are:

Red Wine                  White Wine  
Barbera              Chardonnay
Cabernet Franc   Chenin Blanc
Garnacha           Viognier 
Malbec               Palomino  
Merlot                 Riesling   
Nebbiolo           Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon                      
Petite Sirah                    
Petit Verdot                  
Petit  Syrah



        The chain of mountains dividing this peninsular generates two different types of climate: 
  • the western part which has a moderate climate, thanks to the winds of the Pacific ocean which flow to the east 
  • the eastern part in the internal part of the Gulf of California which has high summer temperatures. 

       The valleys situated along the Pacific Ocean side of the coast of Baja California have a Mediterranean climate. This region is located 200 km to the east of the Pacific Ocean and its climate is the same as that of Southern Europe. 

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​ The best vineyards are situated in the micro-climates of fresh areas. In the Guadalupe Valley there is a 7.415 acres (3.000 ha) territory that enjoys a Mediterranean climate and the best of all for grape growing is the Calafia Valley.

  The relative humidity in this area comes from the coast of the peninsular of Baja California and is nearly always over 80 %.

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