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The Future Of Baja California Wine 
The fundamental problems faced by Baja California (and all Mexican) wineries, are two: 
- First, there's little tradition of wine drinking in the country, except among the Europeanized upper and upper-middle classes. 
- Second, Mexicans still look to Europe, and increa singly to Chile and Argentina, when they want wine. 
Baja California producers must build a reputation for their wines among Mexican nationals, just as California needed to persuade New Yorkers that its wines could compete with European imports. Time and increasing quality will help. 
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To expand their markets, many Mexican vintners hope to export their wines, particularly to the U.S., with its large Population of Mexican descent. In truth, there's little reason to expect that strategy to succeed. Aside from cultural ties, the Mexican foods most popular in the U.S. aren't particularly compatible with wine, and U.S. (and Australian and hilean) wines are better values and often better quality. 
The Mexican wineries need to persuade their own lar
ge population of 100 
million people to drink their wines, rather than tr
ying to get U.S. consumers to 
do so.