Opinions about Mexican wines
by Pollak
Mexican wines and wineries from Mexico

Yes, it's me again, but this time I am not here to talk about the elixir of the gods called Tequila, but about a much more common product… wine.
Wine production is widely spread throughout the globe. Not only countries like France, Italy, Spain, the United States or Australia produce wine. But let's focus on the region I want to talk about today, Mexico

If I am lucky you might have heard that Mexico produces wine, however I am pretty sure you have a certain, not very good or quality oriented image of them. Well it is time to change. 

Mexico has been producing wine for more than 5 centuries.  This might come to a surprise, but the oldest 
vineyards and winery in America is in the state of Coahuila in Mexico. This winery founded by Don Lorenzo Garcia in 1597, 73 years after Aztecs fell, is nowadays called "Casa Madero". This house is a fine example of the wines that Mexico can produce: Clean, fruity, elegant and straightforward products like their Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. Try them you will not be disappointed. 

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