Mexican wines and wineries from Mexico

1. Situation

This area covers the states of AguascalientesZacatecas and 
Queretaro. The vineyards in Queretaro are distributed in the San Juan del Rio and Tequisquiapan Valleys. 

2. Climate

The climate in this area is primarily half desert although some small areas have a moderate sub-humid climate. 
The average temperature is 62.06 °F  (16.7 °C)  with an annual maximum of 68.36 ° F (20.2 °C) and a minimum of 55.76 ° F (13.2 °C). The rainy period begins in June and ends in September.

The typical vines grown in the different wine regions are: 

Wine region Queretaro
St Emilion - Chenin - Sauvignon blanc - Macabeu
Cabernet Sauvignon - Pinot Noir - Gamay - Pinot G
ris - Malbec
Wine region Zacatecas 
White. : 
  French Colombard - Chenin blanc - Ugni blanc  
  - Traminer - Malaga 
  Ruby Cabernet - Petite Syrah 

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4. Queretaro Wine Route

Be amazed as you explore the vineyards in the semi-desert of the state of Queretaro where, although it might seem impossible for vines to grow due to the conditions of the land, you’ll be astounded to find that this is indeed possible as you visit the towns of El Marques, Tequisquiapan, Ezequiel Montes and Colon. The best way to visit the region’s wineries is by car, as you move at your own pace and prepare your route depending on the number of days you’ve put aside to take advantage of this wine tour in central Mexico.
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