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Relative humidity is at a level of 48.4 % in July and August. In Hermosillo 79% of the grape production is used for distilling, 19% for wine production and 2 % for eating.

                      Caborca, Sonora
The viticultural region of Caborca has a desert climate with an annual average temperature of 70.34 ° F (21.3 °C) but with extremes of freezing temperatures in winter. 


23 % of the grape production is used for distilling, 25% for wine and the remaining 52 % is used to make raisins.
1. Climate

The two important wine growing regions in this state are Hermosillo and Caborca. In Hermosillo the annual temperatures range from 53.42 ° F (11.9°C) to 86 ° F (30 °C). On average it is a warm 73.4 ° F (23°C). 

Good irrigation systems are necessary since falls of rain are rather sparse. 

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​Climate and vine   

                          Hermosillo, Sonora

The typical varieties of vine grown in Hermosillo are :

Red Wine             White Wine​
Barbera                Bola Dulce 
Cardinal                Esmerald
Cariñena               Palomino
Flame Seedless    Thompson Seedless 
Ruby Cabernet
Ruby Seedless